Demo Reel

Seadog Creative is a video and creative services team founded by Betty Allen and Andi Woodward in Milwaukee, WI. We specialize in post-production and event videography.

Let's Get Reel.

Eliza Hanson BTS: Cinematography & Post-Production
Vic & Gab - "Love of Mine": Direction & Post-Production
TEDxUW-Milwaukee: Cinematography & Post-Production
BROTHERS The Series: Post-Production & BTS Cinematography
Girls Rock MKE: Cinematography, Post-Production & Animation
Ladies Rock MKE: Cinematography, Post-Production & Animation
Volcano Choir - "Tiderays": Direction & Post-Production
Planned Parenthood: Post-Production & Animation
Peak Physique: Direction, Cinematography & Post-Production
Wealth Partners: Post-Production & Animation
United Adworkers - Milwaukee Bucks Rebrand: Cinematography & Post-Production
Cornerstone Tattoo: Cinematography
Fix This: The Movie - Direction, Acting, Silliness & Post-Production

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