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Seadog Creative is a video and creative services team founded by Betty Allen and Andi Woodward in Milwaukee, WI. We specialize in post-production and event videography.


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Location: Milwaukee, WI.
Hours: Every dang day.
Tele: (four-one-four) 215-0758
Instagram: @seadogcreative



Do you take jobs from anywhere in the US?
YAS. We can work for any project by any means. Send us your files - digitally, physically, emotionally - and we'll get to work! Need an on-set editor? We can do that too!

Do you do video production? Like shooting?
Yes and no. We like to focus on post-production, so we are pretty selective about the projects we take on for video production. Knowing what we are fully capable of, we address this topic on a individual project basis. We're happy to hear about your project, and can often help lead you in the right direction with many of the talented cinematographers and producers we know.

You filmed my friend's wedding, do you still do that?
We do! Head on over to Maple & Oak Studios and fill out a contact form to get in touch. We offer combined and separate video and photo packages alongside our Chicago friend and photographer Kelly Peloza!

Do you take on pro-bono work?
We really love taking on passion projects that benefit our community. While we can't always take on every project we want to, hit us up to see if we can lend a hand.