Director of Photography
Milwaukee, WI

Will Ball is a local director of photography and screenwriter. With his years of experience working in New York as an AC to filming winter sports in Colorado, Will is an all-around talented, smart and energetic filmmaker.

Seadog Creative works with Will on larger budget projects as well as our passion projects. We love working with Will not only for his talent, but because of his collaborative spirit. We look forward to writing and making new content with Will, and going after the work we want to create.




Chicago, Illinois

Kelly Peloza is a Chicago-based photographer, stylist, and retoucher specializing in food, interiors, products, and portraits. She holds a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design where she studied photography and writing.

She is also the author and photographer of two cookbooks and the food blog Seitan Beats Your Meat. She began her cookbook writing career in high school.

Seadog Creative worked with Kelly on their brand development and content creation. She captured photography and developed a tone and color correction for our brand. Kelly is Seadog's go-to photographer, and we look forward to future projects with her!

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